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Thread Veins/Spider Veins Removal Legs (Microsclerotherapy)

Thread veins or spider veins as they are sometimes known are superficial veins very near to the surface of the skin.  They are red, blue or purple in colour and athough they are not regarded as a serious medical condition, most find them unsightly.


Description / Details

There are a variety of different options for treating thread veins, but research shows the most effective way of removing them in the legs is microsclerotherapy. This is the preferred method used at our clinic.

Microsclerotherapy involves using a tiny needle to inject problem veins with a substance known as a 'sclerosant'.  This closes the veins by inflammation of the wall.  Patients can expect to see between a 75% to 90% improvement in the appearance on completion of their treatment. Depending on the number of thread veins present, several sessions may be required to obtain the best results. 

For facial thread veins we use IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light).  IPL selectively targets blood vessels by delivering 'heat' thus destroying the vessel, with minimal risk to surrounding tissue.  This option is considered the safest alternative to sclerotherapy for facial areas.

Prior to your procedure a full medical history and assessment will be taken in order to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

Further Notes

Initial Single Session (approx hour) .................£225

Subsequent Sessions (approx half hour)............£125

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