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Pigmentation Control Peel - Obagi Blue Peel

Price : 600

The pigmentation control peel is an exclusive treatment for the elimination of hyperpigmentation and lentigos that are caused by photo-ageing, sun damage and hormonal factors. 


In seborrheic skins (oily) a reduction in oil production is noticed, and dilated pores are reduced in size.  Within a short period of time skin appears softer, fresher with a more even complexion.

Includes prescriptive skin care pack.

Description / Details

The skin is thoroughly cleansed, followed by application of a peel mask which will remain on the skin for several minutes, depending on the degree of correction and advise from your practitioner.  The skin will feel tight and warm for the following 24 to 48 hours. On the second or third day following the peel, a fine peeling of the outer surface of the skin may occur.  A clear improvement in the appearance of the skin can be noticed within 2 weeks from the procedure. 

Further Notes

This is a single peel procedure, offering a quick, effective treatment outcome. Includes post procedure home care products.


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