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We provide non surgical cosmetic treatments, and advanced skin therapies by our medically qualified and regulated practitioner who has extensive experience working within the medical aesthetic industry, working for both the NHS and private sector. The Clinic has gained a valued reputation amongst colleagues and patients, who return regularly.

There are many individuals offering aesthetic injectable treatments using titles such as 'Medical Aesthetic Practitioner' or indeed 'Biomedical Practitioner'.  The use of the word 'Medical' in the title is often misleading and can lead to the assumption that the Practitioner is in some way medically qualified.  This is not the case.

We would urge anyone seeking aesthetic medical treatments to do their research and only receive such treatments from practitioners who are registered with and accountable to their respective MANDATORY governing body.  Those being the General Medical Council (Doctors), the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) or the General Dental Council (Dentists). 

It is often necessary to administer & prescribe Prescription Only Medicines (POM's), for example Botox and Hyalase to name a few.  It is therefore illegal for anyone to administer these medicines without a prior full assessment and medical consultation with a practitioner who is legally registered on one of the mandatory registers and therefore has a mandate to prescribe medicines. In the case of botox the GMC & NMC stipulate this must be IN PERSON (not via video link or telephone conversation), as is often the case. 

Furthermore, The Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) stipulate that the advertising, incentivising and promoting of Prescription Only Medicines is illegal in the UK.  Botox is a Prescription Only Medicine and any such treatments involving it's use must be treated as a medical procedure.  Botox parties (as is often seen) is not considered ethical, or appropriate and is against MHRA stipulations.


Our promise - We are committed to providing excellence and evidence based care. All treatments delivered by medically qualified prescribing practitioners who are regulated by their mandatory governing body, ie NMC, GMC, GDC.  


Only clinical products are utilised in our treatments - No Gimmiks!

Our product range utilises advanced formula clinical skincare, and Prescription Only Skin Treatments.   We do not use skin products readily available within the Beauty Sector.  We only use products which promote skin health..... supported by science, and evidence based. With this in mind, we are able to provide optimum skin health.

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